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Permanent exhibition: Archeology in South Tyrol The belt set from SäbenThe stemmed glass from SäbenThe reliquary from SäbenThe trove of coins from Leifers-ReifThe Mithras altar from MaulsThe clay lamp from NeumarktThe Celtic helmet from PfattenThe ribbed pail from Putzer-Gschleier/EppanClothing finds from RieserfernerThe casting mould from PiperbühelThe lance tip of Eppan-GamberoniThe Laugen jug from SeebergThe AxeThe maple leaves of the IcemanThe Menhir from AlgundThe ceramic bowl from Villanders-PlunackerThe stone slab with a soul holeThe stone axe from Völs am SchlernThe back knifeTrapezoid tips from PlanThe Late Antique Period and Early Middle Ages (400 to 1000 AD) (15 BC – 400 AD)(1000 – 15 BC)(2300 – 1000 BC)(3500 – 2300 BC)The New Stone Age (5500 – 3500 BC)The Middle Stone Age (9000 – 5500 BC)